Monday, 25 April 2011

Why is Called Java Language?

Pertama kali mendengar namanya membuat saya penasaran: Java Programming Language. Muncul banyak spekulasi:
1. Developernya orang Jawa?
2. Developernya pernah ke dan terkesan dengan Jawa?
3. Developernya keturunan orang Jawa?
4. Anything else? Sangat membingungkan...

Akhirnya saya telusuri dengan Google. Saya dapatkan dua buah artikel yang kutipannya berikut ini:

"I believe the name was first suggested by Chris Warth," said Arthur van Hoff, a senior engineer on the project and now CTO of Marimba Inc. "We had been in the meeting for hours and, while he was drinking a cup of Peet's Java, he picked 'Java' as an example of yet another name that would never work. The initial reaction was mixed. I believe the final candidates were Silk, DNA, and Java, however. I suggested Lingua Java, but that didn't make it.... We could not trademark the other names, so Java ended up being the name of choice. In the end, our marketing person, Kim Polese, finally decided to go ahead with it."


Arabian Mocha-Java

The world's most famous coffee blend; full-bodied, bittersweet chocolate overtones enhance Mocha-Java's rich, complex flavors. Mocha-Java is the world's most famous coffee blend. When someone first thought of combining these two origins, it was before coffee was widely grown around the world. These two coffees were undoubtedly much different from those which the countries of Yemen and Indonesia (note: maybe from Java island) produce today, although Yemen still produces its coffee under very primitive conditions.

As with any blend everything depends on the quality of the coffees used, and in this case the result is a delicious full-bodied coffee with bittersweet chocolate overtones on top of rich and complex flavors. While Americans associate the word mocha with chocolate, they've reversed the facts: when cocoa was first refined and sold in Europe, it reminded people of Mocha coffee from Yemen.


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